The Wickline Group offers a variety of fee programs to its client companies:

  • Contingency Search: A placement fee is due and payable only if a candidate is hired as a result of our efforts.  The placement fee is a percentage of the candidate’s first-year guaranteed compensation, and a 30-day replacement guarantee is offered.
  • Engaged Search: At the inception of the search, a non-refundable engagement fee of one-third of the projected overall fee is due and payable.  In exchange for the up-front commitment, a reduced placement fee is offered, also calculated as a percentage of the candidate’s first-year guaranteed compensation.  The final two-thirds of the placement fee is due upon the candidate’s start date.  A 90-day replacement guarantee is provided with an engaged search.
  • Retained Search: Typically for senior-level or critical niche roles, the retained search program will be customized to suit the exact needs of the company.  One-third of the projected fee is due at the inception of the search, one-third is due upon selection of a defined number of candidates for the interview process, and the final third is due upon the candidate’s start date.  The retained search program may also offer more in-depth interviews, deeper reference and background checking and a longer guarantee period.

In addition to the programs above, The Wickline Group has the ability to customize a fee program for your organization based on special criteria, including multiple-hire scenarios, consulting assignments, temporary or seasonal positions, and skilled hourly positions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss your recruiting needs in further detail.