Our Process

When engaging The Wickline Group on a search for a critical recruiting need, here’s what to expect regarding our process:

  • We will have a detailed conversation with you to discuss all aspects of the position, especially those elements such as company culture, preferred management style and compensation details that are not typically included in a traditional job description.
  • We will discuss your timetable, including all steps of your interview process, from initial receipt of resume through the offer and on-boarding stage.
  • We will discuss our fee programs, including engaged and retained search options.
  • The Wickline Group will then utilize its base of nationwide resources to identify and present the best 2-3 candidates for your opening, based not only upon your required background and skill set criteria, but also upon intangibles such as the candidate’s chemistry fit within your organization, long-term career goals and compensation expectations.
  • With each candidate submission, in addition to the candidate’s resume, you will be provided with key bullet points including reasons for leaving current or previous employers, compensation history, and factors influencing the candidate’s ability to relocate to your area (if applicable).
  • Upon selection of candidates for your interview process, we will serve as a facilitator for scheduling as well as providing detailed candidate feedback from each step.
  • Once you’ve identified your candidate of choice, we will conduct extensive reference checks and will actively discuss compensation expectations with both you and the candidate, making sure that everyone is on the same page and avoiding any negativity that can sometimes result from a “back-and-forth” negotiation process.
  • Once your offer has been accepted by the candidate, we will stay on top of the transition process, including follow-ups on resignation and details related to relocation, if applicable.
  • After the candidate has joined your team, we will remain in contact with both you and the employee, making sure that expectations are being met from both sides.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in your recruiting efforts!


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