Whether you have worked with recruiters for years or are entirely new to the process, I’d like to lay out two basic expectations for working with me on your career search.

Communication  This is one of the most important aspects of any solid relationship with a recruiter.

  • If you have submitted your resume for a position and I reach out for you to discuss the job in detail, please have a sense of urgency in returning the phone call.
  • If you are actively interviewing with one of my clients, it is critical that we speak to discuss the interview, both before and after.
  • If you have any questions or concerns at any stage of any process, all you need to do is call.
  • Not in a position to speak on the telephone?  Send me a text or an email so that we may set a time to talk.
  • I can handle bad news – if you are not interested in a position either before or after interviewing, just say so!
  • By the same token, I commit to communicating with you.  I will keep you apprised of any feedback I receive regarding my client’s level of interest in you as a candidate.  Yes, there are times when clients drop the ball in communicating with everyone, but I will always do my best to stay on top of the process and provide you with any information that I have.

Honesty  Just as critical as communication!

  • Be 100% honest on your resume.  Employers are conducting extremely extensive background checks these days, often including independent employment and degree verification, so you should never fudge employment dates, leave off employers entirely, or embellish any education or certifications.
  • Be honest with me!  As I mentioned above, if you have any concerns or “bad news” to give me, just let me know.  Interviewed with my client company at any time in the past?  Tell me about it up front, before I submit your resume.  You and I should always be on the same page regarding all pertinent details.
  • I also commit to being honest with you.  If you’re not a fit for a position we’ve discussed, I will tell you why.  Your compensation expectations not in line with the position?  I willl tell you.  If my client isn’t interested in you before or after interviewing, I will tell you.

My client companies are the ones who pay my fees, so I’ll never ask you for a dime.  The only things I’ll ever ask for?  Communication and honesty.